Sunday, June 1, 2008

American Disabilities Act non functional

I just got a note from a friend telling of one of her friends who was fired from Wal Mart for checking his glucose levels and asking for time to get his meals or snacks in a timely manner in order to maintain good Diabetes glucose control.

He was fired for trying to take care of his health while working to pay his bills!!

It seems like the Disabilities act doesn't have any teeth and the courts will not allow for fair hearings.

But Wal Mart is to blame too! They are the "family friendly" employer. They are supposedly an equal employement business. Well, guess what? They fire a guy for doing his job and attempting to take care of his health? All he asked for was breaks every 3 hours to check his glucose and to have a snack.

I had heard from others that they didn't get time to take coffee breaks or lunch breaks, but hadn't thought this happened any more. I thought OSHA had put an end to sweat shops!! Boy was I wrong!! I have not talked to many Wal Mart Associates who get coffee breaks or even lunch breaks. These people are expected to work straight through an 8 hour shift on their feet the entire time. ?????

I recommend we hurt Wal Mart by not shopping there!! I know there will be some expense with this, but we had other places to shop before Wal Mart came into our lives. We may have to pay a bit more for some things elsewhere, but we can and should avoid shopping or patronizing a business that doesn't play by the rules.

Write your congressmen and include the link above about this problem. We can threaten to vote for another person in November if our congressional people won't fix this problem.

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