Sunday, June 8, 2008

beat high fuel prices this summer

My best advice is to stay home!! Don't go doing any long distance driving especially with five dollar per gallon diesel prices in the southwest!

Go to the Army/Navy Surplus store and get a hammock or two, a simple charcoal grill and a couple of ice chests. Make one trip every couple of days to the Dollar Store to restock cold drinks, charcoal sack and starter fluid, and then to the grocery store for more grill stuff and ice.

Turn off the AirConditioning system and stay out of the house til mid October. You can live in swim suits for that long. Just hose them off every once in a while. It helps if you are in them when you do hose them off.

You can get the pre cubed meats and pre chopped veggies and thread them onto bamboo skewers. It only takes a couple of minutes to cook these things fairly well done. Get really creative and thread fruits, veggies, and interesting meats all on the same skewer. Watch closely and remove when tomato wants to fall off.

This way you are cheating the OPEC nations of their sky high oil prices. You are not driving your vehicle more than maybe five miles to the store then back. You are not cooling your house!

Try some shrimp, pineapple cubes, bell peppers, and pearl onions on a skewer. I think you will be surprised at the flavors here. Two foot long skewers should be enough for one person. Meat cubes, celery, pearl onion, and bell pepper are traditional. Try a pineapple chunk next to a pork chunk, Life gets really interesting. You can or not marinade the meats. I like them just sprinkled with a little lemon pepper and salt best.

Just don't go back in that overly hot house!!

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