Monday, October 13, 2008


A friend sent this and it is a bit scarey. It is a long video so be patient while it loads:

"Subject: FW: How did this mess happen?

It moves really fast, but very interesting!

Be ready to hit pause because this goes fast….but it shows the REAL cause of the housing crisis and WHO caused it. Please forward this to as many people as you can.

PLEASE watch this video – I believe the basic facts are true and correct and , unfortunately , the people getting blamed for this economic mess are not doing an effective job of answering the baseless claims against them.

Click the title at the top to watch the video or copy and paste.

I believe all of you will vote thoughtfully and I appreciate that – whomever you vote for – but, before you make your final decision – please consider some of the facts put forth in this video!"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

blatant advertising of a lunch place

This is blatant advertising for some new friends. Bill and Beverly Strauser bought the Dolan House in Lincoln, New Mexico and achieved Betty (Pfingsten) Schrekenghost's dream of making it into a lovely sandwich and tea shoppe. The Dolan House is open daily except Wednesdays.

The Dolan House was built in 1883 by James J. Dolan while working with L. G. Murphy & Co in Lincoln, New Mexico.

This is a beautiful house and I am really glad it has people in it now with the wherewithall to restore it and to make it into the type place one can go for a lovely luncheon with friends and also to plan a tea party.

Tea parties are by reservation only and are held in Caroline's Parlour.

Breakfast is served daily except Wednesday. Hot oarmeal with biscuit, brown sugar and raisins, two biscuits and gravy, two biscuits with jelly, Belgian Waffles, a cup of fruit, or a bowl of cold cereal. Caroline Dolan's Favorite is a special breakfast entree.

Lunch is L.G. Murphy's soup of the day, Dolan's Sandwich of the day, Homemade Red Chili with tortillas, PB&J sandwich with chips, Polish Dog, Coleslaw & chips, or toasted cheese Sandwich and chips.

Desserts offered include hand scooped ice cream, topped with chocolate or caramel syrup, Root Beer float, Maria Dolan's CheeseCake with chocolate or Raspberry topping, or Sheriff Brady's Favorite cake (chocolate).

For drinks they offer fresh hot and Iced coffee, Iced and hot teas, herbal tea, fresh milk, orange or apple juice and a variety of sodas.

This past Saturday the Dolan's Sandwich assortments were chicken salad and hot pastrami on rye. This was served with coleslaw and chips. It was delicious.

Contact the Dolan House at 575-653-4670 and by email at dolansoutpost at