Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today's Rant

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Walk in the crosswalks, do not J-walk! it can get you a ticket or in jail or the hospital most places.

Don't think you can get anything for free either!! Education is not available to everyone. You can only get 125 free credit hours, then you cannot even get a student loan!! It does not matter if you are an exemplary student or not. Go after the Scholarships now!!! get as many as possible lined up before applying for any aid at all for furthering your education.

A couple of years of college or University education will only get you as far as if you hadn't even bothered. You can go flip hamburgers in as many places per day as you have energy to do.

The various States lotteries don't help a bit either. That is just a sham to get people to go to the first year of college or University. Then they are cut off, like permanently. It just makes people hungry for more education but cannot afford it at minimum wage jobs.

Do not believe any of the Financial Officers of the various schools when they tell you "you can do this!", "it is totally covered as long as you keep your GPA over 3.5!" Do not believe anything those lying people say to you about financial affairs.

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