Saturday, May 31, 2008

Traditional Memorial Day

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Our grandmothers called it Decoration Day. This was the day we went out into their gardens and plucked every single bloom there, put them into wet newspapers in the car and drove to the local cemetery to "decorate" the graves of those gone before us.

To my grandmothers this was not a day for parades and picnics, but a day for honoring all the dead! They would lecture us on how this one was related to us or what this person did for the community.

I remember at Lake Valley, NM the "chinaman's grave"! It was outside the cemetery proper. Meaning it was outside the barbed wire fence keeping the cattle out of the cemetery. This gentleman had a cafe in Hillsboro for a long time. If I remember right he had one in the town of Lake Valley before half the town burned down and he moved to Hillsboro to the north.

The gate to the cemetery looked very similar to the one in the jigzone puzzle. The sky was always that blue, and usually that cloudless.

A very good "Decoration Day" to all of you!

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