Monday, May 26, 2008

new audio book: No Idle Hands

Knitting Out Loud Announces Release of No Idle Hands

Stockton Springs, Maine, April 7, 2008: Publisher Kathy Goldner announced today the release of Knitting Out Loud's sixth audiobook No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting by Anne L. Macdonald, read by Kymberly Dakin.
Quoting from diaries, letters and personal reminiscence, No Idle Hands traces the social history of knitting in the United States beginning with the Colonial period. Included are stories of women who risked their lives to bring hand-knit socks and clothing to freezing soldiers at Valley Forge, women who knit in covered wagons traveling West, women who knit socks for freed slaves after the Civil War, and shell-shocked men who used knitting to save their sanity in hospitals during both World Wars.

"This is an exciting book," says Kathy Goldner, "a social history full of first-hand accounts of women, and sometimes men, knitting through very intense periods of our history. It's inspiring, and Kymberly Dakin does a superb job of bringing the stories to life."

Author Anne L. Macdonald, former head of the History Department at the National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C., also wrote Feminine Ingenuity: Women and Invention in America (1994) and Perrot: The Story of a Library (2006).

Narrator Kymberly Dakin won the 2006 Audie Award for her narration of Alice Munro's Runaway. She narrated KOL's Knitting Memories.

No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting by Anne L. Macdonald read by Kymberly Dakin. Abridged, 4 CDs, 4 hours 46 minutes, $29.95.
ISBN 978-0-9796073-3-2

For review copies or more information contact Kathy Goldner at or toll-free 1-877-567-3950.

This spring Knitting Out Loud will release KnitKnit: Profiles + Projects From Knitting's NewWave by Sabrina Gschwandtner read by the author, and Knitting Lessons: Tales From the Knitting Path by Lela Nargi read by Julia Olson.

Knitting Out Loud's previous five audiobooks are America Knits by Melanie Falick read by Christine Marshall, The Art of Fair Isle Knitting by Ann Feitelson read by Melissa Hughes, The History of Hand Knitting by Richard Rutt read by Melissa Hughes, Knitting Memories: Reflections on the Knitter's Life edited by Lela Nargi read by Kymberly Dakin and Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook by Debbie Stoller read by the author.

Knitting Out Loud is an audiobook company specializing in knitting literature: knitting essays, interviews and histories of knitting. KOL audiobooks are available online at and They are available at local yarn shops and bookstores and through Playaway. KOL audiobooks are distributed by Interweave Press.

For more information contact:

Kathy Goldner, Publisher
Knitting Out Loud
111 Middle Street
Stockton Springs, Maine 04981
Toll-free 1-877-567-3950

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