Friday, May 30, 2008

Goat Events!

Granddaughter got her goats day before yesterday. The gentleman who raises these goats sells them on contract to 4-H members for $1 each with the understanding and signed contract that if they make the county sale at the fair they will pay him $200 for the prize winning goat. She got three of them.

My dogs have seen llamas, crias, cows, calves, sheep and lambs and even lambs in the house! But they have never seen anything that looks and smells like the goat kids. They wanted to bark at them! When the dogs barked at the goats, the goats jumped over the four foot high pen we had them in. Three goats can go three different directions really fast! Lambs just run in a bunch!! Crias and their llama mamas stomp back at the dogs.

So we had the new goat chase on yesterday morning!! We tied a poly tarp over the goat pen so maybe we could keep them in for a few days until Evalyn and the kids got well acquainted. The kids need to learn what the feed bucket sounds like!.

Goats gathered back up and put back in the barn in the pen, we fixed lunch. Trini who lives in the bunkhouse called and asked why the goats were standing at the yard gate and where was Evalyn?? The kids had found a small enough space to crawl out from under the tarp.

This morning the goats got their first baths!! That was most interesting. They didn't like the cold water! They didn't want to stand still! Evalyn ended up having to tie the feet of each of the goats to bathe it. Then she wanted to do the dogs!!

We will get pictures of the goats tomorrow!

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