Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are All Tech Supports Total Idiots

A couple of weeks ago I had a problem with my IP and called tech support. The person who answered the phone barely spoke English and I think assumed anyone calling Tech Support was an imbecile.

She spoke very slowly and told me to do all the things I had already done to try to get online. Ok, fine, this is the third time that morning I had tried to run this systems check. Then she said, Ok, now do it again, but first turn off your Virus Program, the firewall, and all other check services that protect your computer. I said HUH?? those are supposed to protect my computer from getting a nasty bug that causes it to fry it's gizzard!!

She repeated to turn off these services. Ok. I did it, then we ran through the systems check again, Unplug the DSL, UNplug the power line to the DSL. turn off the computer. Ok, I did all this. Then she said "I cannot see your computer on my computer, are you sure you turned off the virus check and the firewall? Of course, she couldn't see my computer!! It was unplugged from the DSL and the power to the DSL was also unplugged. What did she think was going to happen when I unplugged???

It turned out not to be a problem within my house on the DSL line. It was out on the phone line somewhere. A broken connection that was getting damp and shutting down. It is doing it again this month. So I am thinking there is another short in the cable somewhere and I will not be calling the Tech Support, I will be calling the phone company from my cell phone and complaining about a problem with my land line.

Today our Satelite went nutz! We have menu service and sound, but no video. So like a bunch of dummies, after we had run through the systems checks, and unplugged the system to allow it to reset its little computer brain, we called Tech Support! Again we get one of those peoples who can barely speak English but this one had a speed problem. She talked way too fast for anyone not speaking her accent to catch what she was saying.

We again went through the systems check with her telling us what to do. But we still have no video on the TV. She is Fed Exing something or other to us which will probably get here sometime after the first of September when we are gone from the ranch for around two months and could care less if we have video on the set or not.

I am not at all sure I will be calling either of those Tech Support locations again. If Tech Support wouldn't treat everyone as if they had the brain cells of an amoeba and the memory of a hydro, then maybe we could get some electronics working.

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